Graduating Seniors
May 2018

Create a portfolio with the following contents: resume, cover letter, interview responses, informal reflection, and a visual aid

1. Reflection: Write a two-page personal reflection in your journal about your
overall educational experience; be sure to touch on the "mountaintop experiences"
and "valley lows." Academic, intellectual, social, physical, spiritual, and/or
emotional aspects can be addressed as you reflect. Process the reflection by typing it
(double-spaced, Times New Roman, size 12). ------------------------------------------------------------ 15 points

2. Resume: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 points

3. Cover Letter: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 points
(Note: A "query letter" sometimes precedes the cover letter/resume combo)

4. Interview Preparation: Thoroughly answer 2-4 questions
that can be anticipated in future interviews (fill front/back in journal) --------------------------------- 12 points

5. Visual Aid: picture collage or other TBD ------------------------------------------------------------------ 13 points

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------60 Points

For fun: check out this satirical UNinspirational poster set!
But seriously: Do you men know how to tie a tie? [demonstrations available upon request]
Cool tips for public speakers: