Do Hard Things
Small Group Discussion Q’s

1. One teen told the authors, “Everyone I know at school is shackled by low expectations.” Could you say the same thing? If so, talk about why.
2. What do your parents expect you to do at home in an average week? Do you deliver?
3. Have you ever found yourself behaving differently—and accomplishing a lot more—simply because someone expected you to? Describe the experience.
4. What areas of my life do I not care about that I know I should care about?
5. In what areas have I fallen short [of God’s standards, my parents’ standards, my communities’ standards]?
6. In what areas have I settled for just getting by when I know I could do better if I really tried?

7. The authors write, “What each of us will become later in life largely depends on what we become now.” Do you agree or disagree? What might a mature
adult who knows you well say you are becoming?
8. What are some hard things you’ve already done in your life? What were the results? What did you learn through these experiences?
9. What are the small hard things you struggle with most? Describe some of the self-talk that goes on in your head that makes doing those tasks even
10. Is there a stand you know you should be taking but haven’t? What are you willing to do about it, starting now?
11. Is there something in your life you know is wrong but continue to do?

12. One guys’ normal life got turned upside down one day when he encountered pictures of hungry, hopeless children. Have you ever had a similar
experience that changed how you saw the world? If so, talk about it.
13. The authors talk about how we need character, competence, and collaboration to truly succeed in our endeavor. Do you agree? Which pillar comes
hardest for you, and why?
14. If you were to identify one passion as your “holy ambition,” what would it be? Do others know about it? If so, do you feel supported by them? How could
knowing your holy ambition help you make decisions and set priorities in the months and years ahead?
15. Mentally, travel forward one year in your life. What do you hope will be different?
16. How do we go from a “big idea” to meaningful change? How can we make a successful transition from reading about big ideas to actually putting them
into practice? How do we make it stick?

Chart a clear course.
Five Kinds of Hard Things that can change your worlds:
Things that take you outside your comfort zone—taking risks to grow
Things that go beyond what’s expected or required—pursuing excellence
Things that are too big to accomplish alone—dreaming and daring big
Things that don’t earn an immediate payoff—being faithful and choosing integrity
Things that go against the cultural norm—taking a stand for what is right

Create a five-step “rebelutionary” action plan
Choose one action step today.