Novel Assignment
Directions: As you read the novel, complete the following assignments:

*Create a vocabulary list of 20 words from the novel;
Include page numbers and definitions. --------------------------------------------------------------------- 20 points

*Write a one-page biography of the author. Include documentation.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 5 points

*Describe the author’s style of writing. What is the author’s voice?
Tone? What is unique or interesting about this author’s way
of writing? (ie., elaborate descriptions, vivid action, satire,
dialect, etc.) Describe any noticeable techniques or strategies.
Include a textual example (include page number), and make
some general comments about it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 points

*Describe the setting of the novel and then comment on it. (half page minimum) ------------- 5 points

*Describe the most memorable scene and then explain
why it stands out. (half page minimum) -------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 points

*Find a thematic or thought-provoking quote (“gem” J)
from the novel, write it down, then explain what it means
as it relates to the story. Also, how does it relate to real life?
1-page extrapolation. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 points

*Characters: Identify, describe, and comment on the main characters. ---------------------------- 5 points

*Commentary on the novel: include opinions, reactions, and
interpretations about the main characters, their conflicts,
and how they resolve these conflicts. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 15 points
[This last part is to be completed in-class with time restrictions]


“Learning is what lingers after the facts have been forgotten.”

P.S. For a Microsoft Office print-out of this assignment, here it is: