Recommended Reading List
"101 Great Books" is a recommended reading list for college-bound students. It used to be posted at "" but now it's posted here:

Pulitzer Prize for Fiction 1948-2007

Pulitzer Prize for Literature 1917-1947

Nobel Prize for Literature
This is a list of authors, not individual titles.
GCC “Literature to Renew the Mind”
Grove City College, my Alma Mater, has one of the strongest English Departments in Western PA.
This is my unbiased opinion. :)

Fahrenheit 451
This is a student-compiled list of allusions from Bradbury's novel. The books and authors noted herein were compared to "loaded guns" in the hands of someone who wants to ...[sit down for this one]... THINK!

America's Favorite Book poll

"Top Ten Reads" by Mr. Bates
Boy! It was TOUGH to narrow down to my top ten!

Student Picks
"Two Thumbs Up" from fellow classmates