Alphabet Book Name:
Novel Project

This creative novel project needs to include the following:

Author:Identify and briefly describe the author ----------------5 points

Author’s Style:Identify a unique stylistic element,
provide a textual example, and comment briefly----------------5 points

Setting:Describe the time and place of the novel----------------5 points

Characters:Identify, describe, and comment
on the main characters in the novel -------------------------------15 points

Conflicts:Provide details about the rising actions, climax,
and resolution---------------------------------------------------------15 points

Vocabulary:Identify and define five new words------------------5 points

Theme(s): Find at least one theme and briefly explain
the real-life, human nature connection ----------------------------5 points

Gem(s): Find at least one really cool sentence that “sparkles”
and briefly explain why it “shines.”------------------------------5 points

Creativity and appearance ---------------------------------------10 points

70 Total Points